Wednesday, 10 October 2012


Quick transformation to all you guys out there. Love how you look cause of what you wearing.  Try out my collection and see how you will be
turning heads this summer all thanks to me, free of charge.

1. Suits
A mans elegance should be carried out by the clothes
he wears. This is another way to seperate the boys
from men. A mans choice of suits says a lot about 
his character. couldnt have said it
any better  that a good suit for this decade will take the best
elements from the peak eras of mens suiting e.g Victorian 
Era, The Savoir Faire of the 1930s and skinny detailing of the 1960s
& applying them to a modern silhouette.

If going for suits with class try this out

Slim fit vs Double breasted

Slim fit suit

Double breasted suit

Haute or Not?

Left: John Legend looking rather dashing and clean cut at the
 Grammy Awards in a great slim fit suit.
Right: Kid Kudi going for the double breasted suit for a classy
GQ shoot. 

2. Pants & Shorts

All hail Chinos!!!

 Left: Elvine Slimson chinos
Right: Polo Ralph Lauren short chinos

 Haute or Not?

Above:  Omarion and Scott Disick show us
 how its done in chinos.

3. Shoes

Boat shoes
Arfango Firenze valvet Tassel Loafers

Haute or Not?

 Left: No one does it better than Kanye for real, looking smart 
in a white blazer and shirt paired with sky blue jeans and fave 
valvet tossel loafers to sop off the simple look.
Right: Pharrell Williams rocking green boat 
shoes to complement his casual denim look.

4. Accessories

 Ostrich and alligator skin wallets pretty hot

Ostrich wallet

Alligator skin wallet

Kinetic watch:
These are a great investment and are powered by
Kinetic energy to operate. How cool?

Abraham-Louis Parrelet

 5. Underwear

Out with the loose boxers and in with the 
hot boxer trunks/briefs.

Nelly- Sean John underwear

David Beckham- H&M underwear Ad

6. V-neck T-Shirts

 Loving the V-neck t-shirts
these can be worn in two different ways which can
be casual or formal with a nice suit

 Haute or Not?

 Above: to the left Zack Efron looking super cute in casual 
with a white v-neck paired with blue jeans & model
Tyson Beckford far right. Below: British musician Tinie Tempah
shows us how its done pairing a v-neck with
a blazer to create formal yet trendy look that uzzes
class and simplicity.

 7. Bags 

Duffel bag vs Sling bag

Duffel bag

Sling/Man bag

OMG!!! cant help but drool over a man 
carrying a duffel bag, that's one huge fashion statement
but what men keep in there i wonder? lol
The sling/man bag for a while was perceived as  being
"gay"  as most would say, but hey if celebrities
like Beckham and Ryan Reynolds
are rocking it why not.

Haute or Not?

Usher spotted in DC holding a Bottega Veneta Nero Intrecciato duffel bag

Ryan Reynolds rocking a leather sling/man bag


Its debatable whether men should even be
wearing fadoras or not,but when you see celebrities
like Diddy, Theo Kgosinkwe, Collen Farrell, Sizwe Dlomo and legendary
 Frank Sinatra kill the look you cant help but find it hot.

Haute or Not? 

Left: Theo Kogosinkwe
Right: Jonas brother Nick

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