Tuesday, 21 July 2015


 Out of most specialized brands for kids Earth Child must be
one of the best in South Africa. From most of their garments made
from 100% cotton to some being organic cotton its no wonder why
most mothers love this brand. From its amazing quality and natural fibers
 this brand is durable and perfect all children. Inspired by earthly
tones and love for nature the brand exudes simplicity and uniqueness.
Whether you looking for the perfect gift or simply shopping for your adorable
 baby or fashionista kids Earth Child is one brand that
will never disappoint.

Our Earth Child selected faves for kids

Above: Check Puffer

Above: Cotton Contrast Jacket

Above: Cotton Track Tops

Above: Shawl Cardi

Above: Striped Tee available in Dark shadow, Honey 
and Biking Red colours.

Above:  Shirt jacket

 Above: Striped Track top

Above: Chinos

Above: Denim shirt

Above: Scarfs that range from plain
grey to striped colours

We must say Earth Child garments are a bliss for kids. From
the amazing feel of the garments to the quality and style for each age group
its simple hard to resist to have everything in your child's collection.

For more on their unique and personalized styling
check them out now: