Friday, 19 October 2012


From colour blocking to now colour coordinating what you wear. although i still
think colour blocking can still be saved some dudes just
never get it right but don't despair Neo's here to save the day.

Colour blocking vs Colour coordination

Colour blocking

Now lets see for a while its been said that, a pop of colour is 
the way to go, i don't disagree but only when its
done to perfection. I love fashion and in fashion there are
no rules, you create your own rules. So is colour
blocking out? Hell to the No!!

Colour blocking on the runway

Trussardi RTW SPRING 2012

Colour blocking the right way

Above: Nija boys D'banj left & Naeto C right show us how its done
seems like orange is popular in the colour
blocking trend.

Try not go over board when colour blocking
keep it simple and clean, always give off
the impression that you actually give
thought to what you wearing. SIMPL 

Colour blocking gone bad

Above: Omarion definitely didn't know 
what is colour blocking here, i guess
not everyone can pull of the look. Sorry O maybe
next time.

Haute or Not?


Colour coordination

Here we still using colour but not half blinding anyone.
Colour coordination is important because you still want
 to look good while using more neutral colours that actually
 match and blend well

Colour coordination catwalk style

Above: Gorgio Armani spring/summer 2012

Colour coordinating the right way

 Above: Catwalk or street smart these gentlemen took colour
coordination to a classier & sexier level.
Don't be afraid to experiment with colour.  

 I think im in love with Zac Efron here OMG!
The blazer makes him look more mature
and he definately knew how to use his colours.
Haute or Not?

Kanye West
 Whats your style?

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