Monday, 12 November 2012


A look at  mens fashion on a global scale in 
the worlds fashion capitals


London calling....Seems like colour is still in & the skinny jeans and blazers
 are still making waves with every outfit.

Huate or Not?

Above: Whats hot on London streets.

Meet Londons Gentlemen

Coats, bow ties, scarfs & hats...bow down to London's gentlemen.


Above: In Milan the men come out to play. Mixture of preppy, 
colour, bags & patterns complete the trend.

Haute or Not?

Meet Milan's Confidante

Milan fashion is most def fashion forward & classic.


  Above: Paris, Paris, Paris the fashion capital
 where fashion is one big TRENDY statement. Not so much colour
but choose to keep it neutral while getting noticed.

Haute or Not?

  Meet the Paris Locals

  Cant help but love the men's fashion trends in Paris. The playfulness
in coordinating is just amazing. Who would have thought
mustard and navy blue would go well with khaki pants?
Paris ja'dor FASHiON!!

New York

The Big Apple or should i say the Concrete Jungle.
New Yokers definitely know about comfort & style when
it comes to fashion.

 Meet New Yorks street fashion kings

Haute or Not?


What is it about the sag in the pants? Well either way
Tokyo is one of the fashion capitals for its unique fashion trends
which not only include bright colours, funky patterns, chains & quirky
match ups.

 Meet the Tokyo faces

Haute or Not?


Rome is not one of the top fashion capitals for no reason.
The men have class for days and a flare
that will keep you gasping for more. from the semi-formal suits
to the daring yet quirky textures such as leather to
detailed patterns & colour that complete the ultimate look.

Rome... Rome... Rome...The ideal Gentleman's Home

Whoever said the Romans dont have style, doesnt know

what they were talking about. Much of the ancient Roman 
culture of dressing has always been about the status
of the person wearing the clothing. From trendy coordinated outfits
to great patterns, subtle colours & simplicity
cant help but love the Roman men.

Haute or Not?


Looks like LA men have a taste for fashion with class. From
their tailor made blazers with a dash of patterns & neutral colours
cant help but love the trends they create loving the
 accessories to compliment the 

Meet LA'S Residents

Lets not forget how they love their

Haute or Not?


All in the mix with stripes checkered flare, nuetral colours, 
coats to last us a lifetime. 

 Meet Berlin's street rockers

Looks like men in Berlin have a fetish for leather...Rock on!!


Haute or Not?



 When simplicity oozes sexiness...There's no comparison
Berlin definitely has more to offer when it comes
to quality mens street fashion 


Meet the Barcelona stunnerz

 Don't be blinded by their fashion!!! 

Haute or Not?


Las Vegas

There's nothing like hotter than switching up a look
with simplicity & colour. Los Vegas is known
for its amazing yet crazy sfashion, i must say they sure
reppin in the men's street wear...

Meet dem Los Vegas street fashion trend setters

iF its hot its hot if its not its not

Haute or Not?

Hope you have been inspired by the Global man...
The trends never stop neither should you. Be your own fashion 
statement, be the one & only stylista.

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