Friday, 28 September 2012



For a man who knows what he wants. Think class, 
high fashion, unique pieces everything that completes a man.
 Man By Design is a stylist brand focused on all things fashion
 specifically menswear, from shoes, clothes, accessories, 
the perfect lifestyles and more. MBD started off in
 October 2012 as a blog showcasing the best & finer 
things in men’s fashion to a brand in its own drawing interest
 internationally and locally with celebrity followers such as
 DA L.E.S, Oskido, Lloyd Cele, others also include YFM, High
 fashion 101, Moloko PTA, Usher HQ which have a large
  followership on social networks as well as great reach.  With the aim of 
becoming popular amongst celebrity personalities, designer
 houses and individuals as SAs leading stylist brand MDB is
 a growing brand with immense potential that is consistent
 and abreast of current and evolving trends in menswear.
 Providing men with fashion tips, recommending
 suitable looks and styling as a service.


To be the styling brand of choice that provides 
men worldwide with a unique yet personalized sense 
of style that exudes class, character and individuality.

To add transformation to personal style, offering
 comfort and the perfect fit.

For all those who take pride in the way they dress and
 have a passion for fashion. Nothing beats a man with
 great taste in the way he dresses the same way he has
 great taste for the finer things in life or his fave wine.

the best dressed males in 2012

 male fashionistas include:
1. Kanye West

From teddy bear branded outfits to rocking 
amazing high fashion gear,
no wonder why his my number one
male fashionista.

2. Siyabonga Ngwekazi

Querky no, unique most def! fashion is about
expressing your personal style through
the clothing you wear and boy do i 
appreciate Siya's unique sense of stye.

  3. Usher

No longer a pretty boy but rather a
fashion trendsetter. With great taste in what he
wears no wonder Usher still got it.

3. David Beckham

Hot on the football pitch and hotter on magazine covers
and photo shoots. That says enough about
Becks ultimate fashion style. Classy yet trendy.
Gotta love a man who can perform on the 
field and look super gorge in a tux.

4. Ed Westwick

Not just a heart throb & fashion trendsetter
 on popular American series Gossip Girl, but
i must say Ed's smooth gentleman style as well as the
transformation he makes when going rugged casual. 
Very nice combination. 

5. Ziyon & Zakes Bantwini

Proudly South African baby!!!
Gotta love these two if its not their music its their
simple, sleek laidback fashion stye

6. Scott Disick

7. Chris Brown


Breezy's got swag. I must say this young lad has
come a long way and so has his fashion
forward style.

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  1. Love.... L.O.V.E this blog!! love it.. I will be bragging about it :) :) #ProudCuz