Monday, 29 January 2018


So we said our goodbyes to another
year & closed the chapter of 2017 so we say au voir to the 
fashion trends that have made it onto our worst list

The Famous Rose

The rose overdose
Ok so it started with a lil rose here an there but then it 
continued onto every item from clothing to shoes,
gadgets to accessories the list goes on.
We so no and farewell to the never ending rose

So just when we thought it couldn't get any worse here
comes Iron Maiden and our beloved
 Kanye West with their 
ridiculous torn t-shirts. Like really Kanye
these tees looks like you've been
chewed by a bulldog who just happened to
spit you out. As much as they are
a hell No on our list, Kanye fans sure
thought they were a hit. Still have so much love for Mr
West but this should disappear with 2017

The thick heel shoes
So Puma thought it was cool to bring this trend out
and yes we thought it was cool for a while but then
it became hella boring with every
 brand imitating the Puma Fenty sneak....
One to the next

We dub these celebrity faces  
worst dressed for 2017

Above: Matt Healy

Above: Although its been known for years that the
only thing that makes a rapper
cooler than his last song is baggy jeans and oversized t-shirt 
we guess Tyga is still reliving the
old school fashion trends. Come on Tyga
didn't Kylie ant least put you in the fashion game

Above: Macklemore. No doubt his music is
 great but his wardrobe speaks another
 language. No points there

Above: Ed Sheeran must be the sweetest brit
with the worst dress sense. Put some effort
in your dressing Ed we love you though

Above: Ricky Rick, If only you had
called us instead. No matter how
 expensive if done
 wrong an entire outfit can look all so bad.
 Can it get any worse hopefully not this year.

And then there was the AMVCA 2017

Then Durban July happened...

Above: Not feeling Somizi's
 outfit at all but we still love you

Send us your comments on who you thought was
 the worst dressed and what trends
 you wish would stay in 2017. For more
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