Saturday, 6 April 2013


Based in the heart of Sandton, we ust admit Angelino 
has become an MBD fave. Established in 1999, the
 Angelino brand was envisaged as a brand synonymous
 with elegance, style, and choice for the man who 
demanded nothing less than the absolute best in mens 
contemporary fashion. What began as a fabric focused 
product in the neck tie industry, designed and
 imported for retail in the South African retail market 
gradually progressed in 2008 to the same focused
 philosophy in a wider range of menswear ranging
 from shirts, jeans, shoes, waistcoats, belts, ties and cuff links.

MBD had the privillage of paying this
 amazing store a personal visit...

MBD personal faves:

You ask us how can you achieve an amazing look with
these items? well we have Angelino co 
owner/model to show you how.

                                   Be sure to drop by Angelino & get a taste of 
                                           the chic gentleman's fashion fetish.
                                       Maude street Sandwon Johannesburg

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