Thursday, 25 April 2013


We know fashion is all about expressing ones personal style
but some trends really have to be flushed down the drain.
Counting down the top MBD fashion no nos in men's fashion 

1. Oversized t-shirts

Oversized t-shirt are a complete no no, its understandable
 in sports but please don't make this an excuse.
 Find something that fits.

2. Harem pants

 Ok so what if Lil Wayne rocks harem pants? that
 doesnt mean you should too. With a trend like this
its hard to pull off and remeber what might look
 good on someone else might not always look
 good on you. 

3. Baggy pants

  We all know the story behind the sagging pants?
So guys please stop the sagging and go for class no
one wants to see your rare.

4. Over the knee shorts

Hmmm we think showing a bit of skin is sexy but this is just
off. in high fashion we can give it a miss but
 in the real world it only lands you
on the MBD bad fashion list.

6. Mesh tops

Dont be caught in a mesh top unless
 you work as a male stripper. 
This is one hell of a fashion no no in menswear.

5. Sandals with socks 

No one thinks sandals with socks is 
gangster or swag so stop doing it.

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 fashion list email us to help you find "The perfect fit."
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