Thursday, 28 March 2013


Just in case you wondering what MBD is all about:
Transformation to personal style, offering
 comfort and the perfect fit.

This time round we all about STRIPES, STUDS & PRINTS

 We love stripes because they dont limit you to always
 going for solid colours. Stripes are a great balance of not
 looking over the top but also not
 looking bland with your outfit. 

 STRIPES hit the runway...

 Try not go over board with this trend gents
keep it to shoes, accessories and jackets, that
way you can always add that trendy edge to your look

MBD has seen it all from tight fitting pants,to sagging
jeans, outrageous vests and now trending shoes.
From animal print to African print designs
 we still love this trend

 THATS THATS on whats trending in the world of
 mens fashion for  now but we all know there is always
 something new to try out. give us s ahout on how to achieve 
celebrity inspired look of your choice while still 
adding in your personal touch. MBD we all about
the perfect fit.

Twitter: @manbydesign
official website coming soon!!!

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