Wednesday, 16 January 2013


Mr right

Close to perfect, knows how to treat a lady, always makes an
 effort, says all the right things that every girls wants to hear 

The boyfriend

He is a partner & a friend, caters to all needs being it
 (sexual, spiritual or mental needs), he is usually a 
shoulder to cry on when your girlfriends are nowhere
 to be found, he is likely to use words such as "i love you" and "you
 mean the world to me" 

The hubby

 He is a keeper, more promising
compared to Mr right and the boyfriend. At this point
 he has met your parents & you are not afraid to brag
 about him every chance you get. 

  The player

His boys call him "the man" he has more 
than 5 girlfriends, usually never dates the same girl twice, 
has a nickname for every girl he meets, always brags about
 how many girls he has been with and known to date friends/sisters. 

  The pretty boy 

Cute and sweet, concerned more 
about his looks,who he dates & what he wears, 
only dates the cute & popular girls usually cheerleaders etc 

The playboy

Also known as "the toy boy" prefers dating older 
women who shower him with all types of favours 
(money,jewllery etc)similar to the player he dates more that 
five women at the same time, although the play boy
 prefers older women he
 also likes playin the field with women his age knowing he
 doesn't necessarily have to be with them other
 than for sexual pleasures 

The mamma's boy

Also known as "the baby boy" stays with his mother,
 doesn't have a job or much education, has a few
 baby mama's on the side,doesn't really care about
 much, likes to brag a bit but we all know he aint got shit! 

The potential

Also known as "the eye candy" has all the
 qualities & everything a girl could ever want, stands a 
better chance than the boyfriend & the pretty boy 

  The badboy 

He is the guy every girl tries to change, the 
one every girl wants & wish to have,keeps you on your
 toes, makes it known that he doesnt need you as much
 as you need him, brings out the freak in you & has 
his full swag on point 

  The jerk

Only cares about himself , doesn't really care 
who's feelings he hurts, similar to the player only difference is he
 never apologizes for shit 

The gentleman

Well groomed & mannered, more mature,
 has full respect for women, known to be romantic & sweet, 
similar to Mr right he is known for how to treat a lady.

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