Thursday, 11 May 2017


This winter you dont just want to look the part
but you also want to make sure you dinning at the right places
with the right people.

For the love of food we took a visit to Mellvile Grill Lounge
to find out what they offer and how good it is.
As known by those who do Melville Lounge Grill is
a chillied and laidback lounge to go to on a
weekend with friends or a partner. Away
from your usual and typical
packed Sandton settings Melville is
laidback and brings you to a
different feel of culture.

Above: The cocktail selection was a bit limited
but we loved the buy one
and get one free offer.

Above: Those who enjoy
hubbly will enjoy this too

Above: It was time to dig in and no time was wasted.
Loved the fact that they offered original traditional
cuisine but also still offered your classic
chicken wings and steak. With a seceltion
of your 3 choice of sides this meal was satisfactory.
A meal like this went for around R350 and feeds
4 individuals as a styled platter.

Overall we would rate Melville Grill Lounge 3/5.
The food was good, service was ok, they have
friendly and active staff, atmosephere
and ambieance was standard. We enjoyed the day
and hope to pop by again sometime.

To check them out:
Melville Grill Lounge: 011 0221793

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